Why Work with DC Social?

DC Social Sports Club wants YOU!  Do you love sports?  Have you ever played a sport and thought to yourself "I could do a better job reffing than that"?  Maybe you've played with us before and thought to yourself "It would be kinda fun to get more involved"... Even if you don't love sports, but you LOVE people! We are always in need of more fun and social people to help out with our events as well.

ATTN Social Butterflies!  Why keep your awesome personality to yourself?  Share the wealth!  Join our social committee and get a free registration every season, free admission to our events, free food and beverages at staff meetings, and other awesome perks!  

ATTN Referees!  Why get paid $10 to $15 an hour for hard work and dedication when you can get $15 to $20 for refereeing for us instead?  Plus, you get all of the perks mentioned above as well!

Be a part of it all.  Don't miss this opportunity!  Help us grow!


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