Flipcup Tournament Rules

DC Social Flipcup Tournament Rules 


1. No complaining, whining, or bitching to the organizers.

2. The tournament will take place in the back room of McFadden’s on the bottom floor. Captains must check-in their teams there with David Murnan between 12:30-1:30 pm to reserve their place in the tournament. Teams that have not checked-in by 1:30 may not be allowed to participate.

3. Teams will consist of six flippers plus no more than two alternates.

4. Teams will play four preliminary round matches to determine seeding for the playoff bracket. Preliminary matches are best-of-5. Teams will play all five games of each match, regardless if one team has already won enough games to win the match (the total number of games won during the preliminary round will help determine playoff seeding).

a. The first team to get their last cup to settle wins each game. For games that end in a tie, the last player on each team to flip will play a tiebreaker. There is no minimum requirement on how much beer players must have in their cup.

Note: All match assignments will be announced by the designated tournament organizer when it is time to play. Please do not ask the organizer when your team will play next – we will do our best to minimize the time teams are waiting for their next game. If your team has registered before the tournament begins, you will not forfeit any match.

5. A single-elimination playoff will follow upon completion of the preliminary round. Matches during the playoff will be best-of-7, with matches ending once a team has won four games.

a. For playoff matches that are tied 3-3, the last player to flip on each team in the 7th game must fill his/her cup to at least the top line (last line before the top of the cup).

6. Matches are governed by the Official Rules of Major League Flip Cup. For a copy of the rules, go to http://www.majorleagueflipcup.com/MAJOR_LEAGUE_FLIP_CUP/Rules.html.

7. Following completion of the Championship Finals, we will proceed to a King of the Table individual tournament. All players who have taken part in the team tournament and their guests are eligible to compete. All players will flip their cup at the same time when given a signal by the judge. The last two players to flip their cup will be eliminated until there are 20 players remaining. The last player to flip his/her cup will be eliminated each round until there is only one player remaining – the King/Queen of the Table.

8. Beer purchased by the league is reserved for game play. Captains may get pitchers of league beer from the designated bartenders immediately prior to their game.

9. Solo cups will be provided by the league for game play. Teams are not allowed to use their own cups in the preliminary, playoff, or King of the Table rounds.

10. All cups must be filled at least to the bottom solo cup rim with beer or water (see 11).

11. Players will only be allowed to substitute beer with water if the organizer is notified at least one day prior to the event that the player must substitute with water and a reason deemed sufficient by the organizer is given.

12. If a player is playing with water, another player on the team must drink triple the minimum amount of beer each round.

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