Dodgeball Rules


Dodgeball teams will consist of 8 players on the court at one time (at least 3 women). There will be 8 balls, placed at the middle of the court to start the game. The object is to eliminate all of the other team’s players to win each round. The dodgeball game will be a “best of 9 rounds”. The team that wins more rounds wins the game and the game is what counts in the standings. Each round will be no more than 4 minutes. If the teams have equal number of players at the end of the 4-minute round, there will be a 1-minute playoff. Substitutions will only be allowed in-between rounds.


  • The game will begin with the referee placing six balls along the middle line of the court. There will be a designated attack line on the court. Players must be behind the Attack Line when throwing the ball at opposing players. Players will never be allowed to cross the center of the court for any reason including attacking or retrieving balls.
  • Teams will stand behind the back, end line and await the referee to blow the whistle to start the round. Teams may not leave until the whistle is blown. Once the balls are retrieved, the players cannot “attack” the other team until they have taken the ball behind the designated Attack Line.
  • Teams will play nine, seven-minute rounds. The referee will keep track of the time and update teams as time is expiring. If both teams have the same number of players remaining at the end of the regulation, an additional one-minute, sudden death overtime will be instituted. The team with more people after 1 minute wins the overtime.


Teams will consist of 8 players per side (at least 3 women). Teams may have as many players as they would like on their team, but can only substitute new players after a round has been completed. Teams may play with a minimum of five players, as long as at least two are women and agreed upon with the other team.


If at least 5 players (2 women) are not present from a team by 20 minutes after the designated start time the entire game will be forfeited and the team that is present will receive a win all rounds in the match. Teams may pick up players during the regular season in order to field a full team. Substitutes will not be allowed during playoffs.


  • Any player hit by the opposing teams ball, ON THE FLY (bounces do not count), will be eliminated. Eliminated players must stand out of bounds, in a designated area, in the order that they were eliminated. They may throw out of bounds balls back to their teammates, but not at the opposing team.
  • If a thrown ball is caught by an opposing player, the player throwing the ball will be eliminated. Additionally, the team that caught the ball will be allowed to bring back a player in the order they were eliminated (starting with the first person removed). This also includes catching a deflected or ricocheted ball off of one of your teammates or a ball popped off a player’s ball. Balls caught off of the wall, backboards, etc. will not result in any elimination.
  • Throws at someone’s head (whether intentional or not) are not allowed. If a player is hit in the head the stay in the game. And the player that threw the ball will receive a warning.
  • Catching the ball out of bounds does not count. Anything caught or thrown out of bounds does not count.  
  • Players may block the opposing player’s throw with their ball. If the ball is knocked out of their hands while blocking it, that player will be eliminated. Unless the thrown ball is caught by you or your teammates. You will be saved and the opposing player will be out.
  • Teams are not allowed to stall with the ball. A ball needs to be thrown within 15 seconds from each side. This will primarily be enforced at the end of the round and the referee will do their best to monitor all balls.
  • Teams may give their retrieved ball to another player to be thrown.
  • Once all of the players are eliminated the team with players remaining has won the game. Players may now substitute and the referee will set up the start of another round. If time expires, the team with more players remaining wins the round.  

Other Rule Clarifications:

  • Player is hit and then another player catches = The catch saves the hit player and throwing player goes out.
  • Ball blocked and then caught by blocker or another player = Catch, one player enters and one player from other side goes out.
  • If a ball is blocked and then hits a player or yourself, you are NOT out.
  • Any player can hold any ball for any length of time, provided at least one ball is thrown, rolled, or bounces back (off the wall) every 15 seconds.
  • If you get the big red ball you can choose to hold it to block with, as long as A ball is going over from each side every 15 seconds. At the end of a round, if you only have a big red ball, you must throw it.
  • Player on or over the half court line must return immediately; however, the player can still be hit, but cannot retrieve a ball or make a catch.
  • You can not catch a ball off the wall or basketball hoop/backboard. If it hits a player then the wall or basketball hoop, that player is out.
  • Kicking or punching the ball over to the other side does NOT count so it serves NO purpose to do so. Please do NOT kick the balls.
  • Do not play tug of war when initially retrieving the balls. The second person to touch it must let it go. The ref will warn you if you do not let it go.

Sportsmanlike Conduct Warnings:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct will not be tolerated. Therefore, I have these warnings/dismissals. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about any of this. This is just to protect the refs and the players who have come to have fun. Have fun and good luck!

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes yelling at the opposing players, yelling at the referee for “a bad call”, swearing or name calling to opposing players and refs. If you are hit by a ball, please go out to make the refs job easier. But ultimately the ref makes final calls, so do NOT try to ref for them. Just worry about playing and having a good time!

-1st offense – Assess a warning against the team and/or player involved.

-2nd offense - Team loses a player in the round being played or to be played. If it’s a specific player, that is the player to sit out that round.

-3rd offense – Team loses a player for the rest of the 9 game match. If it’s the same specific player, that is the player to sit out for the rest of that match.

-4th offense – If a player has four offenses, they will be asked to leave for the night.

Only the team captains can come to mid-court when rulings are discussed.  No other players shall be allowed.

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