Beach Volleyball

NUMBER OF PLAYERSMaximum # of 6 players (no more than 4 men) can be on the court at one time. There is no maximum limit on the amount of women on the court at one time. Minimum number of players to play a game is 4 (at least 2 women). However, the opposing team can utilize the ghost rule. Teams may pick up players during the regular season but not the playoffs. 

At the election of the opposing team, the team that is short 1 or 2 players must designate a spot/s in their serving rotation for a ghost player. That would be the space/s the missing players would play if they were present. When the ghost player rotates to the serving position, the team will automatically lose their serve. Players arriving late may automatically take over the ghost players position at anytime during the game. Upon mutual agreement between teams captains, the ghost rule will not be enforced for the match.

 When teams have less than 4 players or 2 women, they will be forced to forfeit 1 game for every 10 minutes past the designated start time. As a courtesy, please give 24-notice if your team will be forfeiting. 

The home team will be decided by paper-rocks-scissors.  The winning team will serve first for the first game and the deciding third game. Teams will rotate sides after the completion of each game. Teams will also rotate 1 position before the start of the next game. 

All matches will have a 45-minute time limit. All play will stop 45 minutes from the time your match begins. Whatever the score in whatever game teams are in when the game clock expires, that will be the final score for that game and the match will be decided upon that. The ref’s clock is the game clock and will inform both teams when the game has started. 

 All games will play using All-Rally Scoring Rules. Matches consist of 3 games to 21. Teams must win by 2 and there is a cap at 25. In the rally game, points will be awarded on both the service and serve receive side. If the final buzzer sounds during a "rally", the team with the most points at this time will be given the game.

 There is no gender rule, however, teams are asked to not keep the ball away from women players. All players should be involved on the team. 

After each side out, players must rotate from the front-right position to the back-right position to serve. Substitutions are only allowed at the server position and before the service has taken place. 

 The DCSSC will provide all nets, volleyballs, and scorekeeping equipment for each game. 


  • A serve IS allowed to make contact with the net because we are playing rally scoring.
  • The width of the service area is sideline to sideline. The server may not step over the end line though. The serve may not be blocked or spiked.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three hits to return the ball. A defensive block does not count as one of the hits.
  • A ball may touch various parts of the body to count as a hit.
  • Faults or Side Outs include:
    • Out of bounds or outside the court lines
    • Four hits
    • A player hitting the ball two times consecutively
    • Back row player spikes the ball in front of the 10’ line
    • Catch/throw or carry (guiding the ball instead of hitting it)
    • Body part touching the net during play
    • Breaking the plane when ball is not on your side
    • Player’s foot completely crossing over the center line
    • Other USA Volleyball rules apply, unless otherwise mentioned.

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