Bar Quadrathlon

Bar Quadrathlon Rules
(Please See the GENERAL DC SOCIAL RULES page for additional rules and policies that apply across the board for all programs and activities) 

Team Requirements

  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players on a team.
  • If you would like to sign up in groups of less than 8, you may do so.  However, free agents will be added to your team to meet the minimum requirement.
  • All eligible players need to be on the team roster online.  All of these players must be registered and paid by the deadline set every season.
  • Teams MUST field a minimum of 4 players of which at least 2 MUST be female for each scheduled game.

Game Play & Sportsmanship

General Format

  • Every week, each team will compete in 4 different activities: Skeeball, Darts, Cornhole, Hoops.  Two cornhole matches and one match of each the other activities will be played for a total of 5 matches.  Teams will win with at least 3 matches won out of the 5 matches played.  Scores are kept on the scorecards provided for the teams prior to the matches.  The scorecards MUST be filled out correctly and submitted to the host upon completion of the matches.  No scorecard, no score!
    •                                                   Substitutions & Forfeits

    • If a team has a hard time meeting the minimum requirement for the week, that said team may find and bring other people who will substitute in for the missing players for that week.
    • During play-offs and championships, substitutes are NOT permitted.
    • If a substitute becomes a regular player (plays for more than 3 weeks out of the season), the team bringing in that substitute will be charged for that player at a pro-rated rate.  This will put the player on the roster and will make the player eligible to play at the play-offs and championships.
    • If a team cannot meet the minimum requirement and cannot find enough substitutes for alleviate the situation, the match is considered a forfeit.
    • If there's a week where your team will be in the above situation, your team captain MUST let the league know that they will be forfeiting that week no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time. 
    • Continual forfeits (2 or more) by a single team may result in a $50 penalty.

  • Each head-to-head lineup is started with "Touch Balls."  The opposing players will pick up their first skeeball, turn to each other, and "Touch Balls."
  • Each game consists of 12 rolls.  Each roll is considered 9 balls rolled.  (This is a total of 108 balls rolled per team per game).
  • Overhand throws are NOT allowed, and balls must be rolled with both feet on the ground. 
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is looked down upon.  Please refrain from cursing, threatening, and yelling at the other team.  If our host feels that a team is being unsportsmanlike, he/she reserves the right to eject the player(s) or team from the game.
  • The final score posted will be the total of the team players' scores from the match (Roll 1 + Roll 2 + Roll 3 + Roll 4 + Roll 5 + ... + Roll 12 = The Team Score).
  • To ensure that everyone on the team gets their chance to play, there are no back-to-back re-rolls allowed.  Each player on the team must roll at least once during the match.
  • The team with the higher total team score wins the game.
  • If there's an error with the score from the skeeball machines, immediately call the error.  If the opposing team does not dispute the error, the host will amend the originally recorded score.  If there is a dispute over the scoring error, the matter will be resolved at the discretion of the host.  

Mystery Rounds

  • Each match may include mystery rounds.  Here are just some examples of mystery rounds:
  • Dizzy Skee - Each player will spin 5 times quickly before each ball rolled.  You may not hold onto the wall, other people or the machines to keep focus and balance.
  • Knee Skee - Each player will get on their knees in front of the skeeball machines and complete their 9 balls roll
  • London Bridges Skee - Each player will turn around to have their backs facing the machines.  The players will then roll their 9 balls through the legs with both feet on the floor.   
  • Rock n Roll Skee - Each player will left one leg as if playing an air guitar.  These players will then roll their 9 balls from under the lifted leg.  This leg may not be placed on any item and hands (and any other body parts) cannot be used to balance.


  • 2 Players from each team play against each other.  Players may not switch off during a game.  They may switch after a game for the next game in the match.
  • The first team to 21+ will be the winner of the game.  The best 2 out of 3 games won wins the match.  All three games MUST be played during the regular season.  Teams may opt to forgo the 3rd game during the play-offs if the first two games were won or lost.
  • At least 2 females MUST be played during the match.  They may be played in any order.  (During play-offs, the females MUST be played in the first two games of the match.)


  • Teams will line up to play a game of relay-cricket.  Players may not play twice in a row.  The first team to close all numbers (15 to 20 and bulls-eye) will win the game.
  • Teams are responsible for taking turns keeping score on the scoreboards for their own teams.
  • At least 2 females MUST be played during the match.  They may be played in any order.  (During play-offs, the females MUST be played in the first two games of the match.)


  • Teams will take turns, one player at a time, playing 40 seconds of hoops.  The hoops scored within the first 30 seconds are worth 2 points, hoops scored in the last 10 seconds are worth 3 points.  The cumulative scores will be used to determine the winner of the match.
  • 6 games are played per team.
  • At least 2 females MUST be played during the match.  They may be played in any order.  (During play-offs, the females MUST be played in the first two games of the match.)

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