What is DC Social Sports Club?  DC Social Sports Club (“DCSSC”) is a partnership of various sport leagues and organizations across the Greater Washington, DC, area to offer more sports at more locations with more parties for its players. 

How competitive are DC Social Sports leagues?  No matter what you call it – social or recreational – everybody’s competitive.  That’s that the nature of DC.  Of course, some players are more competitive than others and DCSSC programs are designed to encourage good sportsmanship.  Typically, “Social” leagues cater to beginners and casual athletes whereas “Athletic” leagues cater to more serious players. Advanced and Premier leagues cater to the most competitive players.

What makes DCSSC a “social” sports league?  DCSSC is about playing games.  In most programs, DCSSC provides all the referees, equipment, and fields so that players need only to show up.  DCSSC also has the least restrictive policies about team rosters and t-shirts to allow teams to pick-up extra players whenever necessary – even players from other teams during the regular season. 

Does this mean that I can play for more than one team?  Yes, so long as priority is always given to registered players of that team.  DCSSC recognizes that everybody is busy and there are many times when teams cannot field the requisite number of players.  In these instances, DCSSC encourages players to volunteer for an extra game to help other teams avoid technical forfeits.  It’s a fun way to meet other people and play with new teammates.

How much does it cost to join? â?¨The price per player ranges from $25 to $70 depending on the sport program.  Outdoor programs tend be cheaper than indoor programs.  There are even club sport programs like touch rugby and quidditch that DCSSC offers for free.  Team registrations are available for most sport programs with group discounts.  There are no refunds unless a program has been cancelled.  On average, DCSSC offers the most affordable sport leagues throughout the Greater Washington, DC, area.


What is your refund policy?


All sales and registristrations are final. his page acknowledges that you have completed the process and the process payment. You are instructed to print that page for your records. This page is your receipt. This receipt should be kept as a ongoing record of your successful payment completion. Thisreceipt is also emailed to your specified email address.

Prior to the start of the season,refunds are granted at the discretion by DC Social Sports and based upon being able to fill an unused registration with another player or team. After the start of a season, registrations are non-refundable. 

If you have questions about this return policy or need assistance, please contact us by emailing registration@dcsocialsports.com or by calling 703-881-8889.


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