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Registration Dates:
2012-05-07 – 2012-06-01 regular
DC Social Sports Club
Team Fees
Regular 140.0 per team
Individual Fees
Regular 20.0

The Game
Flipcup. The game of Champions. Some people think they may be good at drinking beer and flipping cups in a sequential order. They may even think they are the best. This is your chance to prove that you are the best of the best when it comes to flipping cups.

You might think your team is the best, but there will be others trying to take you down. Prepare hard, and be ready for the event we call the DC Social Flipcup Tournament - Spring 2012 Edition.

Teams of 8 (6 flippers plus 2 alternates) are guaranteed 4 preliminary rounds before they must enter the single elimination tournament bracket. Will your team reign surpreme? Do you thirst for the win? Prove it.

After the tournament, we will host a king of the hill tournament for all interested participants. King of the Hill is every man or woman for themself, so let's see if the winner of the King of the Hill tournament can also be on the winning flip cup team. For those of you who lose out in the tournament, it'll be your challenge to deny those people that opportunity!

To Register as a Team or Free Agent
Please email David 'Lefty' Murnan at david@dcsocialsports.com to get your team registered if you have yet to do so.

The Date & Time
Check-in will begin at 12:30 PM on Saturday June 2, 2012. It will end promptly at 1:30, with matches starting betwen 2 and 2:30. We expect to be finished with this tournament no later than 6 PM.

The Cost
DC Social Sports Teams: $70
DC Social Sports Free Agents: $10
DC Social Kickball Teams: Free (Max 2 Flipcup Teams per Kickball Team)
DC Social Kickball Free Agent: Free (Max 16 Free players per Kickball Team)
Non DC Social Sports Teams: $140
Non DC Social Sports Free Agents: $20

Please note that to be eligible for the DC Social Sports or DC Social Kickball prices, players and teams must play in a Winter 2012,  Spring 2012, or Summer 2012 sport. Please note, if you are DC Social Player in one of these seasons, you will need to fill out the DC Social Sport Played and the Season you are playing it in. We will be verifying registrations and will charge the guest fee to anyone that fit the above criteria.

We will try our best to place free agents on a team; however, in the event we fail to do so, we will refund your registration fee.

Kickballers play this event for free because their registration fees subsidize this event. Want to play for free in this event? Join Kickball!

The Location
The DC Social Flipcup Tournament is pleased to announce that McFadden's DC (2401 Pennsylvania Ave, 20037) has agreed to reprise their role as our host. They will be having excellent food and drink specials to keep you hydrated and fed during the event:

$5 McFaddens Burgers
$3 Rail Mixed Drinks

The Rules
The 2012 Rules can be found here.

Questions about the event? Send them to David Murnan, President, DC Social Kickball Constitution Division at david@dcsocialsports.com

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